Organization Chart, The Family History Guide Association

What We Do

* Note: The organization for The Family History Guide Association is subject to change. This page will be updated as changes occur.

Committees and Staff

Board of Directors

Members: James Tanner (Chairman), Bob Ives, Bob Taylor, Sue Maxwell, Paul Maxwell, Ann Tanner (Sec/Treas.), Dallis Pierson

Executive Committee: James Tanner, Bob Ives, Bob Taylor

Nominating Committee: Bob Ives, Bob Taylor, Sue Maxwell, James Tanner, Ann Tanner

Operational Directors

Executive Director: Bob Ives manages the day-to-day activities of the Association and coordinates between the Board of Directors and the Staff.

Development Director: Bob Taylor manages the development activities of the Association.

Other Committees

Fundraising Committee: Dallis Pierson, Bob Ives, and Paul Maxwell. They identify and manage donations for the Association.

Operations: Bob Ives and Dave Coles. They oversee personnel, accounting, compliance, and events and trade shows.

Ad Hoc Committees: TBD; may be added according to needs.

Management Committee: Bob Ives, Bob Taylor, Sue & Paul Maxwell, Melanie Bosselman, Laurie Beardall. They coordinate weekly progress with The Family History Guide and the Association.

Website: Bob Taylor, Brooke Skousen, and Melanie Bosselman. They develop, enhance, and maintain the website for The Family History Guide.

Education: Bob Taylor, Melanie Bosselman, Laurie Beardall, Stan Kivett, and Angie Kivett. They plan and implement training programs, recruit training volunteers, and manage regional training.

Communications: Bob Taylor, Sue Maxwell, Bonnie Mattson, and Ann Tanner. They manage social media strategy and industry relations, produce the newsletter for The Family History Guide, etc.


Melanie Bosselman: Melanie is the Project Manager for The Family History Guide.

Bonnie Mattson: Bonnie Mattson is the Social Media Coordinator for The Family History Guide.