Organization Chart, The Family History Guide Association

What We Do

* Note: The organization for The Family History Guide Association is subject to change. This page will be updated as changes occur.

Committees and Staff

Board of Directors

Members: James Tanner (Chairman), Bob Ives, Bob Taylor, Sue Maxwell, Paul Maxwell, Ann Tanner (Sec/Treas.), Dallis Pierson

Executive Committee: James Tanner, Bob Ives, Bob Taylor

Nominating Committee: Bob Ives, Bob Taylor, Sue Maxwell, James Tanner, Ann Tanner

Operational Directors

Executive Director: Bob Ives manages the day-to-day activities of the Association and coordinates between the Board of Directors and the Staff.

Development Director: Bob Taylor manages the development activities of the Association.

Other Committees

Fundraising Committee: Dallis Pierson, Bob Ives, and Paul Maxwell. They identify and manage donations for the Association.

Operations: Bob Ives and Dave Coles. They oversee personnel, accounting, compliance, and events and trade shows.

Ad Hoc Committees: TBD; may be added according to needs.

Management Committee: Bob Ives, Bob Taylor, Sue & Paul Maxwell, Melanie Bosselman, Laurie Beardall. They coordinate weekly progress with The Family History Guide and the Association.

Website: Bob Taylor, Brooke Skousen, and Melanie Bosselman. They develop, enhance, and maintain the website for The Family History Guide.

Education: Bob Taylor, Melanie Bosselman, Laurie Beardall, Stan Kivett, and Angie Kivett. They plan and implement training programs, recruit training volunteers, and manage regional training.

Communications: Bob Taylor, Sue Maxwell, and Ann Tanner. They manage social media strategy and industry relations, produce the newsletter for The Family History Guide, etc.


The Family History Guide Association plans to add Staff to carry out work needed to support any or all of the above committees and activities. More details on staffing will be given at a later date.