About Us

Meet the founders and Advisory Board for The Family History Guide here.


Bob Taylor

Bob Taylor, CEO of The Family History Guide, L3C, has been actively doing family history for over 25 years. He has combined his passion for genealogy with his background in instructional design to produce a new learning resource for family history—The Family History Guide.

Bob earned his BA degree from Brigham Young University and MA degree from Calif. State University, Los Angeles, both in Music Education. He has been a featured presenter at RootsTech 2016, the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Pikes Peak Library (Colorado) Fair, Riverton Family Hsitory Library, UVTAGG, and the BYU Family History Conference, in addition to numerous Family History Fairs in Utah.

A career change led him to instructional design and technical writing, where he has worked for large technology corporations such as Novell, Intel, and SanDisk. At Intel University, he redesigned key training courses for employees and managers worldwide, as well as teaching management courses in Washington, Arizona, Oregon, California, and Utah. He has authored many online and written learning systems, helping others accelerate learning in technology, music, and family history.

Bob and his wife Susie have five daughters and five grandchildren. He has run a number of marathons in Utah, still plays the trumpet, and is a confirmed crossword puzzle addict.

"I'm excited to be part of a breakthrough in how people learn and get involved with family history. Our vision is to raise the number of people involved in family history, worldwide, and help them be more successful."

Bob Ives

Bob Ives, COO for the Family History Guide, L3C, has teaching and technology in his blood. He received a Master's Degree in computerized curriculum design and went to work as the Director of Instructional Technology for the Utah State Office of Education. Bob was instrumental in the spread of technology in the state and the development of cutting edge programs such as satellite distance learning with IBM.

He later formed his own technology consulting and training company, Educational Renaissance, Inc. and worked as an IBM business partner for 15 years. He has travelled across the US and Pacific as a trainer for IBM Educational Systems, as well as McGraw-Hill and Allyn & Bacon. Bob has served on state and national committees such as the NCTM Technology Committee and the Governors' Computer Literacy Task Force. He has given presentations across the United States, Canada, Singapore, Australia and Malaysia. He has managed a number of other companies and has a rich business background.

Bob is currently the Technology Coordinator for the Sandy Utah Granite Family History Center, the third largest family history center in the Salt Lake Valley. He and his wife Dawn have two sons and four grandchildren. Bob has a B.S. from Brigham Young University, an M.Ed. and Administrative Certification from the University of Utah. He has also served as an adjunct professor for Utah State University.

"Everything I have done in life has prepared me for what I am doing now with technology in the family history center and the development of The Family History Guide."

Advisory Board

James Tanner

James L. Tanner has spent over 34 years in genealogical research and is the avid Blogger of "Genealogy’s Star" and "Rejoice, and Be Exceeding Glad". He spent eight years as a missionary at the Mesa, Arizona FamilySearch Library and is presently serving at the BYU Family History Library. James is a frequent presenter at family history expos and conferences around the U.S. and Canada.

James previously owned a retail computer business and an Apple Macintosh software company, and he is a professional photographer. He holds a B.A. in Spanish and an M.A. in Linguistics from the University of Utah, as well as a J.D. in Law from Arizona State University. He spent two years as an Intelligence Analyst in the U.S. Army and 39 years as an Arizona trial attorney. James and his wife Ann have seven children and 33 grandchildren.

Ann Tanner

Ann Wessman Tanner was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, graduated from the University of Utah and taught English. She married James Tanner many years ago and is the mother of five daughters and two sons, all of whom are married and living around the country. Ann and James lived in Arizona for the past 43 years, then moved to Provo, Utah two years ago.

Ann served two LDS Church Service missions at the Mesa FamilySearch Library and currently serves at the BYU Family History Library where she coordinates the Sunday classes, teaches, and prepares training for the missionaries at the Library. She owns a printing and computer design company in the Provo, Utah area.

Sue Maxwell

Sue Maxwell is an experienced genealogist, speaker, trainer and mentor, with an emphasis in technology and social media. She publishes the Granite Genealogy blog site and has been actively involved in the genealogy community since retiring from management career.

Sue has served as Vice President of the Utah Genealogical Association and currently serves as an Area Temple and Family History Consultant under FamilySearch direction.

Paul D. Maxwell

Paul D. Maxwell retired after working 30 years in the IT industry. His areas of expertise included database administration, systems performance, and network mmanagement. Paul also serves as an Area Temple and Family History Consultant under FamilySearch direction.

Laurie Beardall

Laurie Beardall is currently serving as the Assistant Director over Patron Services at the Sandy Granite Family History Center. She works with over 65 family history consultants and is responsble for their scheduling and training. She has also served as a Youth Advisor, instructing them on how to use The Family History Guide.

Laurie has taught seminars at the Riverton FamilySearch Library, as well as numerous family history fairs. She also enjoys being a Family History Consultant herself, teaching classes and mentoring others. She and her husband Larry have four children and 12 grandchildren.

David Coles

David Coles MBA, PMP, CSM graduated from BYU with a BS degree in Computer-Aided Engineering. He later graduated with an MBA from the University Of Santa Clara, CA, with focus on business management and new product conception. Over the last 40 years he has managed a host of projects ranging from new startups to large corporate automation systems. He has served as a Stake Genealogy Program Coordinator and provided training in genealogical research to large and diverse congregations and classroom environments.

David has launched multiple products in the marketplace. His experience and knowledge bring a broad focus on strategic planning, successful trade show marketing, and new product development and delivery. Dave has run 21 marathons, following the legacy of his father and many siblings. Dave and his wife Diane have six children and 18 grandchildren.

Dallis Pierson

Dallis Pierson received his Bachelors of Science at Utah State University and Masters of Public Health at the University of North Carolina. He was the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Utah Foster Care Foundation, a position he held for eight years prior to retirement. He privatized a portion of Utah’s child welfare services from government to a non-profit organization. He was also a member of the Board of Directors for the Child Welfare League of America, located in Washington, D.C.

Prior to the Utah Foster Care Foundation, he was employed by the American Red Cross for 12 years. Regional Executive Officer for the eight Mountain West States for the American Red Cross, where he restructured and streamlined 217 local chapters and organized disaster relief in Utah, California and Cambodia. Prior to the Red Cross, he was Executive Director of the American Lung Association of Nevada, where he wrote and lobbied successfully for the first statewide no-smoking law.

He and his wife Vicki have four children, ten grandchildren and five great grandchildren. They have been to all seven continents, have visited over 65 countries and visited all 50 states in the USA.