Portugal Goals:  1: Research   2: Church & Vital Records   3: Emigration and Immigration   4: Maps and Gazetteers   5: Newspapers   6: Websites   7: Search Records   8: Get Help  

Project 9: Portugal

Explore research in Portugal.

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Portugal Districts


Goal 1: Get started with research in Portugal.


A. Use effective research methods for your Portuguese ancestors.

  1. Use this guide from FamilySearch to help you with beginning Portuguese research.
    FS Wiki—Portugal Quick Start Guide
  2. Explore this Portuguese Genealogy site for a variety of research tools.
  3. Explore this Portuguese Genealogy page for additional links.
  4. Search the Portuguese Roots database site.

B. Get familiar with the Portuguese language.

  1. Learn to decipher Portuguese letters, words, and names.
    FS—Portuguese Letters—20:00
    | FS—Dates, Words, and Names—25:00
  2. Improve your skills in reading Portuguese records.
    FS—Dates, Words, and Names—25:00
  3. Explore the BYU Portuguese Script Tutorial.

Goal 2: Learn about Portugal church and vital records.


A. Learn about Portuguese church records.

  1. Learn about Portuguese church records in this FamilySearch Wiki article.
    FS—Wiki: Portugal Church Records

B. Learn about Portugal vital records.

  1. Explore Portuguese vital records on the GenisReg site.

Goal 3: Learn about Portugal emigration and immigration.


A. Learn about Portugal emigration and immigration.

  1. Learn about Portugal emigration and immigration in this FamilySearch Wiki article, including links to passenger lists and other websites.
    FS—Wiki: Portugal Emigration and Immigration
  2. Explore the immigrant ship lists on the Portuguese Ancestry site.
  3. Explore additional immigrant ship lists.
  4. Explore the Immigrant Ship site. Select a Volume, then choose Portugal as the departure or arrival location.

Goal 4: Learn about Portugal maps.


A. Explore Portugal maps.

  1. Explore historic Portugal maps.
    FS—Wiki: Portugal Emigration and Immigration
  2. Explore the Baedeker's Old Guide Books site for maps of Portugal and Spain.
  3. Explore the Perry-Castaneda site for maps of Portugal.
  4. Explore the David Rumsey collection of Portuguese maps.
  5. Explore old maps of Portugal in the 1900 Collection.
  6. Access Portuguese map resources in the About.com site.
  7. Explore the Old Maps Online site for Portugal maps.

Goal 5: Learn about Portuguese newspapers.


A. Explore Portuguese newspapers for ancestor research.

  1. Search Portuguese newspapers in the onlinenewspapers.com site.
  2. Search Portuguese newspapers in the world-newspapers.com site.
  3. Search Portuguese newspapers in the ABYZ News Links site.

Goal 6: Explore additional websites for research.


A. There are a number of websites with valuable resources for Portuguese research.

  1. Explore links in Cyndi's List.
  2. Explore links in Kindred Trails.
  3. Explore links in GenealogyLinks.net.
  4. Visit the websites mentioned in the Portugal Websites page of the FamilySearch Wiki.

Goal 7: Search records from Portugal.


A. Use links to quickly search the most common record collections for Portugal.

Note: To search records on these sites, you must be registered or be at a FamilySearch Center.

  1. Click a link in the first section to search a FamilySearch collection.
  2. Click a link in the second section to search an Ancestry collection.

B. Explore additional record collections.

  1. Explore the FamilySearch page for Portuguese online record collections.
  2. In each program (FamilySearch or Ancestry), explore additional record collections besides the ones listed in QUIKLinks on this page.

Goal 8: Get help with your Portugal research.


A. Use Facebook pages to get answers to your questions.

  1. Visit the Genealogia Portugal page on Facebook.
  2. Access the Portuguese Genealogy Society page on Facebook.
  3. Visit the Southern Europe Genealogy Research Community page on Facebook.

B. Join a mailing list or message board for Portugal research.

  1. Search the RootsWeb site for Portugal research mailing lists.
  2. Explore the Portugal research mailing lists on Cyndi's List.
  3. Use the RootsWeb message boards to read or post questions about Portugal research.

C. Learn about Portugal genealogy societies.

  1. Explore Portugal genealogy society sites on Cyndi's list.


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Baptisms: 1570-1910
Marriages: 1670-1910
Deaths: 1640-1910

Portugal Districts

Aveiro     Azores     Beja     Braga     Bragança     Castelo Branco     Coimbra     Evora    
Faro     Guarda     Leiria     Lisboa    Madeira Islands     Portalegre     Porto     Santarém    
Setúbal     Viano_do_Castelo     Vila Real     Viseu