Caribbean Goals:  1: Search Records    2: Get Help       


Explore research in the Caribbean.

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Goal 1: Search records from the Caribbean.


A. Use the Search links in the left margin of this web page to quickly search the most common record collections for Caribbean countries (outside of Jamaica).

Note: To search records on these sites, you must be registered or be at a FamilySearch Center.

  1. Click a link in the first section to search a FamilySearch collection.
  2. Click a link in the first section to search an Ancestry collection.

B Explore additional record collections.

  1. In each program (FamilySearch or Ancestry), explore additional record collections besides the ones listed in QUIKLinks on this page.
  2. Explore the CensusLinks site for Caribbean census records.
  3. Explore the Cuba GenWeb site for resources Cuban research.

C. Explore GenealogyInTime for Caribbean records.

  1. Explore the Caribbean page of the GenealogyInTime website. Record collections are listed and described in order from newest to oldest additions, including FamilySearch, Ancestry, and many other sources.

Goal 2: Get help with your Caribbean research.


A. Use Facebook pages to get answers to your questions.

B. Explore websites and books about Caribbean research and history.

  1. Learn about researching historical Caribbean newspapers in this tutorial from The Ancestor Hunt.
    Research Free Historical Caribbean Newspapers—7:08
  2. Explore resources on the Caribbean Genealogy Library site.
  3. Learn how to find vital records for the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  4. Explore the Genealogy and History of the Caribbean site for resources on the French West Indies.
  5. Explore the Books We Own site for books about the Caribbean that can be checked out or researched for you by others