Present The Family History Guide to others, using demos and webinars.


Slides, Website Demo, and Brochures

The Family History Guide can be used as a presentation in a group setting. This can provide a good introduction to The Family History Guide, and it does not require the attendees to access computers or the Internet.

A one-hour presentation may consist of the Presentation Slides (10 minutes) and a demonstration of The Family History Guide website (50 minutes).

  • Slides—The slides are designed to give an overview of The Family History Guide. This information can be useful for those interested in the background and purposes of The Family History Guide, including potential decision makers for support and training efforts.
    FHG Presentation Slides (.PPT)

  • Demonstration—You can show the website for The Family History Guide, using a computer and projection system, or a computer monitor for a smaller group. You can use the handout below to help you present The Family History Guide:
    50 Things to See (and Show) in The Family History Guide

  • Training—If attendees are interested in the Training section of The Family History Guide, you can use the following handout and guide them through the Training section of the website:
    15 Training Items to See in The Family History Guide.

Also available:

Video and Webinars

You can use the Quick Tour video to show attendees highlights of The Family History Guide. After a presentation, entries in the BYU Webinar series can be viewed by attendees on their own.