Enjoy these unsolicited quotes from users of The Family History Guide.

Quotes from RootsTech

"Amazing program—I will use this website in every training I do!"

"Incredible resource for teaching and spreading the word about getting more people involved in family history."

"Great new resource to help me learn online at home."

"A great product that makes training systematic, simple, and orderly—and which should be adopted by FamilySearch."

"I had never seen or used this site; now I'm excited to show it to my ward!"

"Most valuable class!!"

"The absolute most important class there—TERRIFIC."

"Very accurate, logical, nice flow, perfect rate of information exchange."

"Wonderful addition to guiding us through the maze."

"Simply amazzzzing. This is lovely! I am excited to share this in my ward/stake.

FamilySearch Learning Tool

"This is the place to go to learn how to use FamilySearch Family Tree. Wonderful tips and helpful information. I appreciate all of the work and all you and your colleagues are offering on this site. I teach a lot of people about family history and this has been a wonderfully accepted resource by each and every one. It brings simplicity and organization to concepts that are somewhat complicated."

"At our family history center Staff Training this week we used the Website Demo to do an overview of The Family History Guide. We then asked each staff member to go through the projects using the trackers. The response was very favorable. We appreciate all your hard work. We feel this is what we need for our staff to understand FamilySearch."

"... The best learning template for genealogy, period."

"I appreciate the Project lessons: they are thorough, concise, and very worthwhile."

"I just discovered your website this week, and I am VERY excited to learn and use all of its features. Thank you for answering my prayers for a helpful resource like you have created."

Great for Beginners

"My husband is a "newbie" to Family History. When he came out of the RootsTech 2016 class on The Family History Guide, he was raving about how wonderful it was. I knew then that it had to be shared. I've been looking at the presentation materials on the site and will be using them. It really is a great website—thank you for bringing it together."

"I am a beginner in Family History ... yes, intimidated with all the technicalities of how it all works. I've gone through several videos on the Introduction page of The Family History Guide, and it looks like your site might be just what I need. Thank you."

Thank you for this WONDERFUL site. I've been wanting to learn to do family history for decades, but it all seemed too overwhelming until I saw your site.

Ideal for Sunday School Classes

"We have used The Family History Guide as the curriculum in a long family history class in our LDS ward (now 13 weeks and still going). I don't know how we would have done it without all of the leg work that you did. Many lives are being changed and ordinances are being done."

"Since your class in Riverton, we have been using The Family History Guide for our Sunday family history class, and I have introduced it to patrons who come to our stake's family history center. Just want to say again that it is a very powerful tool, and I appreciate all the hard work that went into creating it and that goes into keeping it current."

"I can't thank you enough for all your work and expertise. We are using The Family History Guide in our ward on Sundays for members who come into our "lab." We use the games for children when we do Family Home Evenings for members also. Everyone is loving it. I am still exploring and learning, as there is so much in there."

"I teach an LDS Sunday School class on family history. Next month I want to hold a beginning class. My conclusion is that following The Family History Guide would be an organized structure to follow and would save me hours of time in preparing each lesson."

Great Training Materials

"I'm doing a presentation ... I was going to make a handout then discovered you have thought of EVERYTHING. Thank you! I so much appreciate those that use their talents for good in helping others. The more I use this Family History Guide the more I see how useful it will be. I have already shown several do-it-yourselvers who have come into our FHC for guidance—it will be perfect for those people. And teaching from this site will be very helpful. Thank you!!"

"We have trained the 60+ staff members at our family history center to promote The Family History Guide—we love it! I had the opportunity to teach two Family History Classes a few weeks ago and I taught all about your product. The students were thrilled to know about your great work. THANK YOU!!!

"I got up at 4 a.m. this morning to start exploring your Guide. It is wonderful. We have 11 Consultants in our ward, each with a specialty area. The Family History Guide has training and motivational material for each of us. I love it!!!"

"Our stake is having a Family History Fair in May, and they asked me to do the same presentation that I did last year. I told them, "We have something MUCH BETTER!" I already told everyone about Family History Guide when we returned from the RootsTech convention. I took the stake consultants and others in the family history center that night through the program—they were all excited."

An Opportunity to Grow

"This looks like what I have been searching for this past year. I want to become a knowledgeable person who can do and help others with family history. I love your format of goals, choices, etc. THANKS SO MUCH ... I am excited and have hope again."

"This body of work is a great resource, and I tell everyone I talk "Family History" with about it."

"I am in the process of learning and using The Family History guide and it is wonderful. I want to get the brochures to help spread the word."

"Just came across your guide. After listening to the first webinar, I am a fan. I currently serve as a ward family history consultant. I posted a link to your website on our Ward FB page and encouraged members to take a look and enjoy learning at their own pace."

Worth the Wait

"I have been waiting for exactly this kind of website, and am amazed at how incredibly well organized and inclusive it is—especially for such a new release. Thank you!"

"What a brilliant product! I will definitely be a site regular. Thanks for making my responsibility easier!"

"I have been a fan of The Family History Guide since the minute I saw it. It's the long-awaited answer for people trying to teach others! It is terrific for learning yourself as well. Brilliant concept and executed so well. Three cheers for The Family History Guide!"

"I have been doing genealogy for over 40 years, and I have to tell you that this site is a godsend!"

"I've been teaching in the LDS Church since about 1957, and I even did a bit of research with LDSTech and BYU on technical training methodologies as recently as 3 years ago. I'm completely amazed by the quality and quantity of The Family History Guide. It's the best thing ever produced for LDS teaching and training."

A Valuable Learning Tool

"Wow! This is a learning tool that will point you where you want to go when you want to go there."

"This Guide is such a wonderful, fun and powerful resource pointing to every angle a genealogist might need or want as they journey toward success! We are called to serve and inspire 7 Stakes in this area, so we will be one of your biggest cheerleaders."

"Love your site! Thanks for the many helps and resources. We are planning a Stake Family Discovery Day, where the FH consultants in our stake are teaching various topics—kind of like a mini RootsTech. Your website has been extremely helpful in helping us learn what we need to teach, as well as how to teach it."

"I can tell you that your format will especially appeal to the youth and others who have previously wanted to participate but needed a step-by-step, visual method."

"We have been directing our people, staff, consultants, and patrons to your site. Everyone is so excited about it, and we have already seen improvement in our staff members' abilities to help patrons. Thank you so much for the great work!"

"The Family History Guide is a wonderful tool. I do my best to spread the word about how useful it is."

Something for Everyone

"I am so happy about this website and all that it offers to both new and seasoned family historians and genealogists. I feel this site encourages self-starters to know how to help themselves learn at their own pace in an organized and enlightening way. I think it has great application just as it is and the fact that the team will continue to add and improve it over time is -thrilling. I think this is a fabulous tool for teachers and trainers. In the past few days I have talked with several people who help others learn how to accomplish this work. Without exception they have all been very excited about it."

"Great product and service, nothing compares, well done. This is going to help many people start and back into family history and genealogy again. I am referring every Family History Consultant and Indexer in our stake to this site, with no concerns about it!"

"As a genealogist and family history consultant, I find this site to be extremely useful and user friendly. I recommend it to anyone interesting is their own genealogy or family history."

Somewhat Habit-Forming

"I saw this website at the BYU Family History Conference. I went home that night and started using it right away. I also used it more the next morning and got so involved I almost forgot to come back to the conference!"

"I am totally addicted to The Family History Guide—wish I had it a long time ago!"

A Game Changer

"To me this site is a game changer. It helps people catch the vision of what they can do and it empowers them in the step-by-step approach."

"Amazing—thank you for a project whose time has come. This has the potential of revolutionizing how we do research with FamilySearch."

"The Family History Guide is WONDERFUL! Thank you for putting together and constantly updating this wonderful source. Your guide is superior to any instructions out there."

"CONGRATULATIONS! What you have done is sooooo important. I have used the Guide in many ways. I even found another child of my great-great-grandfather that I did not know existed. Again, many thanks!"

"Thank you! The Family History Guide is already making a difference in my calling and my personal family history work."

A Significant Contribution

"Every once in a while, a program or a website comes along that makes a significant contribution to the genealogical community. These advances can take the form of opening access to additional records or searching, organizing or presenting those records in a new way. The new website, The Family History Guide, is a professional level, sequenced learning program dedicated to learning about genealogical research in general and specifically about the FamilySearch.org website and Family Tree program. The Family History Guide is free and fully functional. Content is being added regularly. Each of the goals is supported by valuable resources about that particular aspect of the Family Tree program. I certainly suggest that you take some time and explore and learn from this new valuable resource."

"I look forward to seeing what resources your amazing website can provide. Your efforts to compile a compressive and instructive guide are miraculous. Thanks a zillion!"

Smaller Family History Centers

"This is just what we need for training consultants and patrons at our family history center. It's a bit isolated here, but we have a great sense of community."

"I want you to know how happy I am that you have posted this site NOW. It is comprehensive, easy to understand and will be a huge asset for our training and classes. I will also be adding it to the Address bar on the center's computers!"

Great for Consultants

"One of the most valuable assets of this program is being able to give the library patron or consultant something tangible and effective to take away and to continue working and learning on their own. It makes sharing so much better. Now we can concentrate on teaching a person how to fish, not just giving them a meal. There is a lot more to all of this than just clicking when someone shows you where to click. This gives students an opportunity to catch the vision of what they don't know and a concrete path to follow."

"Your site is an answer to prayer, as many of us Family History consultants have had no standardized curriculum from which to teach."

"I want to say how much I LOVE this guide! I’m a Family History Director and am using it currently to train our 10 consultants. Just wonderful to have a step-by-step teaching process so those who have a hard time remembering what they learn can refer back to this so easily. THANK YOU!!"

"Just what I need as a ward Family History Consultant. Excellent presentation."

"Months after being called to be a consultant in the family history center and attending other trainings provided there, I learned about The Family History Guide. I went through it last year and I was so glad that I did because it really helped me know how to navigate FamilySearch and understand better what to do, and you can refer to it for things you've forgotten. It's a wonderful tool. I absolutely love it and highly recommend it for anyone wanting to do family history."

"As a family history consultant, I refer people to The Family History Guide all the time. It has been particularly useful to some of my older patrons who struggle with remembering. They can go back and review over and over again. One of them calls me to report on the modules she has completed. The Family History Guide is empowering!"

"I just wanted to say I am extremely impressed with your site and look forward to using it in my callings as a ward consultant and as an Assistant Director for our Family History Center. Thank you for all of your efforts!!!"


"I mentioned in our last newsletter a promising new product, The Family History Guide. I strongly encourage you familiarize yourself with it. After opening the program by clicking Get Started, watch "The Family History Guide Quick Tour," and then begin your exploration of its many features. Note the link on the left side of the page to The Family History Guide Blog. This will lead you to an interesting read both about the author and the development of the program."