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Explore research in Switzerland.

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Goal 1: Learn the basics of Swiss research.


A. Get started with Swiss research.

  1. Get started with Switzerland genealogy in this FamilySearch Wiki article.
    FS—Wiki: Switzerland Genealogy
  2. Watch the video or read the associated PDFs for information on Swiss research basics.
    FS—Introduction to Swiss Research—65:34
  3. Watch this video to learn about Swiss research strategies.
    FS—Switzerland Research Strategies—59:42
  4. Learn to find Swiss records online.
    FS—Switzerland Records Online—54:27
  5. Use the Switzerland Record Finder to understand record types for research.
    FS—Wiki: Switzerland Record Finder
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B. Explore Swiss names and places.

  1. Use this Swiss-German genealogy word list.
    FS—Swiss Genealogical Word List—6 pgs.
  2. Explore the Register of Swiss Surnames.
    FS—Register of Swiss Surnames—5 pgs.
  3. Explore surname distribution (a map where certain surnames are prevalent) in Switzerland.
  4. Learn about Swiss names and places.
    FS—Swiss Names and Places—58:02

C. Explore resources for Swiss research.

  1. Find Swiss research resources at this WorldGenWeb site.
  2. Find additional Swiss research resources at this Mindspring site.
  3. Learn about Swiss-German resources in this article.
    FS—Swiss-German Research Helps—3 pgs.
  4. Explore the Forebears.io site for research records.
  5. 2017-10-08
  6. Explore the Archives Portal Europe site.
  7. Explore the Books We Own site for books that can be checked out or researched for you by others.
  8. Learn about Switzerland compiled genealogies.
    FS—Switzerland Compiled Genealogies—54:27

Goal 2: Learn about Switzerland civil registration.


A. Learn about Switzerland civil registration.

Goal 3: Learn about Switzerland emigration and immigration.


A. Learn about Switzerland emigration and immigration.

  1. Learn about Switzerland emigration and immigration in this FamilySearch Wiki article.
    FS—Wiki: Switzerland Emigration and Immigration
  2. Explore Swiss emigration at the AngloSwiss genealogy site.

Goal 4: Learn about Switzerland maps.


A. Explore Switzerland map resources.

  1. Learn about Swiss cantons and towns in the ProGenealogists site.
  2. Explore the Perry-Castaneda map collection for Switzerland maps.
  3. Explore the David Rumsey collection of Switzerland maps.
  4. Explore old maps of Switzerland in the 1900 Collection.
  5. Access Swiss map resources in the About.com site.
  6. Explore the Old Maps Online site for Switzerland maps.

Goal 5: Learn about Switzerland newspapers online.


A. Explore Swiss newspapers for ancestor research.

  1. Search Swiss newspapers in the onlinenewspapers.com site.
  2. Search Swiss newspapers in the world-newspapers.com site.
  3. Search Swiss newspapers in the ABYZ News Links site.

Goal 6: Explore additional websites for research.


A. There are a number of websites with valuable resources for Swiss research.

  1. Explore links in Cyndi's List.
  2. Explore links in Kindred Trails.
  3. Explore links in GenealogyLinks.net.
  4. Explore the Swiss Genealogy on the Internet site.
  5. Visit the Switzerland Web Sites Wiki page.
  6. Search the FindaGrave site for cemetery records.
  7. Search the BillionGraves site for cemetery records.

Goal 7: Search records from Switzerland.


A. Use links to quickly search the most common record collections for Switzerland.

Note: To search records on these sites, you must be registered or be at a FamilySearch Center.

  1. Click a link in the first section to search a FamilySearch collection.
  2. Click a link in the second section to search an Ancestry collection.

B. Explore additional record collections.

  1. Explore the FamilySearch page for Swiss online record collections.

C. Explore GenealogyInTime for Swiss records.

  1. Explore the Europe page of the GenealogyInTime website. Record collections are listed and described in order from newest to oldest additions, including FamilySearch, Ancestry, and many other sources.

Goal 8: Get help with your Switzerland research.


A. Use Facebook pages to get answers to your questions.

  1. Visit the Orangeburgh German-Swiss Genealogical Society on Facebook.
  2. Visit the Central Europe Genealogy Research Community on Facebook.
  3. See the Genealogy on Facebook list of Facebook groups dedicated to helping with research for Switzerland.

B. Join a mailing list or message board for Switzerland research.

  1. Search the RootsWeb site for Switzerland research mailing lists.
  2. Explore the Switzerland research mailing lists on Cyndi's List.
  3. Use the RootsWeb message boards to read or post questions about Switzerland research.


FamilySearch   Indexed Historical   Catalog
Baptisms: 1491-1940
Marriages: 1532-1910
Burials: 1613-1875

Swiss Overseas Emigration:   1910-1953
Vaud Terrier (Land) Records:  1234-1798  

Switzerland Cantons

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