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Family Activities

Experience the joys of
family history activities.

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With a bit of planning and a list of ideas, family history activities can become part of your everyday lives and unite your family in remarkable ways. Try some of the activities described on this page and see how your past and present can come together. As you do, you can strengthen family relationships, build your family tree, and make fun family memories.

For more ideas, explore Resources for Parents.

1. Anytime Activities and Games

Overview: You can experience the joys of family history ... on the go, in the car, in the air, at family gatherings and mealtimes, or simply when you need comfort or courage. Learn more about the benefits of family history wherever you go.

2. Plan-Ahead Activities

Overview: These activities take some planning and preparation, but they are well worth the memories that can be created for your family members.

Discovery Activities
Family History Reunions

3. Making Family History

Overview: One of the joys of family history is making it personal to your family. These activities help you put your own stamp on your family history and make it memorable.

4. Documenting the Past

Overview: Now is the time to capture memories from the past, for the benefit of current and future generations. Modern technology makes this easier and a lot of fun!

5. Social Media Activities

Overview: Social media can bring a family together in ways never thought of in years past. It is an excellent tool for finding family members and making connections, keeping in touch, sharing items such as photos, printed materials, and videos, teaming up for research, and much more. See how these ideas can help you go digital!

6. Service Activities

Overview: Helping others connect with their family history can be a rewarding and fun way to serve others. One act of service may inspire another, especially when it involves family history. Here are some examples of what you can do:

7. Activities for Research

Overview: In this era there are some great aids available to help you do your family history online.

8. LDS Family History Activities

Overview: Family history activities make fun memories while establishing connections to the past. Enjoying them together can bring families a sense of purpose and unity in doing family history work. Family history activities can and should help lead families to the temple. (See

Resources for Parents & Leaders

This section provides tips and resources for motivating and involving youth in family history.

"Many people desire to know where they come from, but a sense of belonging is especially important for children and youth. A knowledge about their family history gives children of all ages a sense of their place in the world. It can also give young people something to live up to—a legacy to respect. Family history also provides an opportunity for children and teenagers to make a meaningful contribution to something bigger than themselves ... Children and youth who develop an interest in family history are more likely to participate in family history throughout their lives."    from the FamilySearch Wiki: Involve Children and Youth in Family History

LDS Resources for Parents and Youth