Hispanic Goals:  1: Basic Research   2: More about Research   3: Get Help        SEARCH


Explore Hispanic research.

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Goal 1: Learn about Hispanic resources for research.


A. Learn about Hispanic resources for research.

Note: For country-specific research, see the N. America and S. America sections of Countries/Ethnic Groups.

  1. Get an introduction to Hispanic research in this About.com article.
    AB—Researching Your Hispanic Heritage
  2. Get an introduction to Hispanic research and sources here.
    AC—Hispanic Family History

    FS—Intro to Hispanic Research—63:35
  3. Learn techniques for improving your Hispanic record searches in this FamilySearch article.
    FS—Improve Your Search Results for Hispanic Ancestors

B. Learn about Hispanic surnames and naming customs.

  1. Learn about Latin American surname customs.
  2. Read this article from About.com to learn more about Spanish surnames.
    AB—Spanish Surname Meanings and Origins
  3. Learn how to overcome challenges with Hispanic name research.
    AC—Researching Hispanic Family History—5:13
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C. Learn how to read Spanish handwritten records.

  1. Learn about the Spanish alphabet.
    FS—The Spanish Alphabet
  2. Learn about Spanish words and dates.
    FS—The Spanish Alphabet
  3. Learn to read Spanish-language records.
    FS—Reading Spanish Records

    AC—Researching Spanish-Language Records

Goal 2: Learn more about Hispanic research.


A. Learn more about researching your Hispanic ancestors.

  1. Watch this video to go further into Hispanic research.
    BYU—Hispanic Research—27:00
  2. Learn to find the place of origin for U.S. hispanic immigrants.
    FS—Hispanic Online Resources—19:02

B. Explore more resources for Hispanic research.

  1. Access the Genealogia Hispana blog site for resources.
  2. Watch this video to learn techniques for searching Hispanic records.
    FS—Improve Your Results in Hispanic Record Searches—50:47
  3. Read this FamilySearch how-to guide for exploring Catholic Church records
    FS—Catholic Church Records
  4. Explore the Books We Own site for books that can be checked out or researched for you by others.

Goal 3: Get help with your Hispanic research.


A. Use Facebook pages to get answers to your questions.

  1. Visit the Genealogic Society of Hispanic America on Facebook.
  2. Visit the Hispanic Organization for Genealogy and Research on Facebook.
  3. Visit the Hispanic Genealogy Research page on Facebook.
  4. See the Genealogy on Facebook list of Facebook groups dedicated to helping with research for Hispanics.

B. Visit the Hispanic Genealogy Society page.

  1. Visit the Hispanic Genealogy Society site for research resources on Northern Mexico, South Texas, California, and New Mexico.