Project 1 Goals:  1: Findmypast Account and Tree   2: Customize Tree Settings   3: Customize Account Settings        SEARCH

Project 1: Findmypast Account

Set up an account and start
your family tree in Findmypast.

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Goal 1: Choose a Findmypast account and start your tree.

Note : If you would like to begin a free 14-day trial for Findmypast, skip ahead to Goal 2 below. If you have a GEDCOM file to populate your tree, skip ahead to Choice B below. If you are setting up an LDS Partner account, skip ahead to Choice D below.


A Create a free Findmypast account and start your family tree.

  1. On the Findmypast home page, click Family tree and select Create a tree.

  2. Fill in your name and birth information and click Start your tree.
  3. Fill in the email address, create a password and confirm it, and click Take me to my tree.

    Note : Based on the information you supplied in Choice A, Findmypast may be able to fill out one or more generations in your tree for you. In that case you can skip ahead to Goal 2 below.

  4. If no ancestors appear for you in the Family View screen, click the tile with your name in it and add more information, if possible, so Findmypast can find records for your tree.
  5. To see tips for getting started, find the "Welcome to your family tree" banner at the bottom of the page, and click the right arrow.
  6. For more information, click Help (top menu) and select Getting started.
  7. When you are ready to add people to your tree, go to Project 2: Family Tree in The Family History Guide.

B Use an existing GEDCOM file to populate your tree.

A GEDCOM (Genealogical Data Communication) file is a text file with basic information about people in a family tree. It can be created (exported) from an existing family tree, and then imported to a new tree to populate that tree.

  1. Click Family tree (top menu bar) and select Import a tree.
  2. Click Choose File, navigate to the GEDCOM file (ending in .ged) on your device, and click Open.

  3. Click Upload Tree. The "Family trees" screen appears while the import is being processed.
  4. For more information about the GEDCOM upload process, watch the video on the "Import a tree" page.
    FMP—How to Upload Your Tree to Findmypast
  5. For more information on uploading your tree to Findmypast, watch this video.
    FMP—How to Upload your Tree to Findmypast—1:40
  6. 2017-08-25
  7. This article provides an overview of GEDCOM files.
    AB—Genealogy GEDCOM 101
  8. 2017-10-06

C Create a free LDS Partner account.

  1. Go to the Partner Access page on FamilySearch.
  2. Click Join for Free below the Findmypast logo.
  3. Sign in to FamilySearch.
  4. Click "Create Your Free findmypast Account".
  5. In the Account Creation page, fill out fields (including email and password) and click Register.

Goal 2: Customize your tree settings.


A Change your tree settings as needed.

  1. Click the Settings icon (upper right). The "Tree settings" screen appears.
  2. To set the home person for the tree, type a name in the "Home person" field and select it from the list.
  3. If you want Findmypast to more easily connect you with relatives, type your name in the "You" field and select it from the list.
  4. In the "Name this tree" field, type the name for the tree.
  5. Select any of the following options you want:
    • Show living—Display information for living people in your tree. This is not recommended if your tree is a public tree.
    • Public tree—Helps you share information with other tree owners.
    • Notify me about activity on this tree—Receive notifications from Findmypast on hints and new activities.
  6. If you want to capitalize surnames in the tree, check the corresponding box.
  7. Click Save Changes.

Goal 3: Customize your account settings.


A Change your site account settings as needed.

  1. Click My Account.
  2. To set your account details, select Personal details and fill in the fields as desired. You can change your email address and password in this screen. Then click Update details.
  3. To see your subscription information, select My subscription.
  4. To update your payment information, select Update payment card. Then fill in the fields and click Update your card details.
  5. If you have saved one or more records searches for your tree, clickSaved searches. You can see the date each search was saved, as well as the results counts for each.
  6. To sign out of Findmypast select Sign out.