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Project 8: DNA

Goal 1: Basic Genetics and Research

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Goal 1: Learn about basic genetics and DNA research. Vault

DNA testing can provide you with some interesting and unexpected clues about your ancestry and ethnicity.


A Get an introduction to genetics for family history.

  1. Read these articles for an overview of genetics and genealogy.

    Introduction to DNA Testing for Genealogy
    FS—Introduction to Genetic Genealogy

  2. Watch this video for an introduction to genetic genealogy.

    Genetic Genealogy for Beginners, Part 1

  3. Learn the basics of chromosomes and inheritance on the Learn Genetics site at the Univ. of Utah. There is a series of helpful animations and videos on the site.

B Learn the basics of DNA research for family history.

  1. Explore lessons in the Beginner's Guide to Genetic Genealogy.

  2. Get an introduction to DNA and family history.

    How to Get Started Using DNA Research—8:17
    DNA for Beginners—52:22

  3. Explore the AccessGenealogy.com site for an introduction to DNA research.
  4. Explore this glossary of DNA terms.

    A Genetic Genealogy Glossary

CLearn more about DNA research.

  1. Watch this video for an insider's look at the research process.

    AC—DNA 101: An Insider's Scoop—52:43

  2. Learn about molecular genealogy in this video series.

    Introduction to Molecular Genealogy

  3. Explore the ISOGG (International Society of Genetic Genealogists) website for help resources.
  4. For more information on using DNA results for family history, see these YouTube videos.